Swedish massage – consists of long gliding strokes that relieve tension, ease muscle stiffness, improves circulation, & enhances overall well-being.

 30min $35    60min $65             90min $100

Deep Tissue Massage-relieves severe tension in the muscles and connective tissue , focuses on muscles located below the surface of the superficial muscles.

30min$45      45min $60              60min $75              90min $105

Oncology Massage – research has shown that massage helps to reduce pain, ease nausea, lessen fatigue, improve sleep, reduce depression & anxiety & increase the flow of lymphatic fluid.

30min $45     45min $60         60min $75  

Reiki – methods of transmitting Reiki are believed to be 100’s  1000’s of years old. It is one of the fastest growing healing modalities. Reiki helps to normalize cell function and creates total healing through the mind, the body and the body and the spirit.

30 min $35    60min $75

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) - Your lymph system is your body's 1st line of defense against didease causing bacteria. Lymphatic fluid contains white blood cells called lymphocytes, which help protect our entire body & cleanse our system. MLD is now considered a primary tool in lymphadema management. MLD can  alleviate chronic sinusitis, bloating, aids in the healing process pre & post operative surgery by increasing the flow of white blood cells, increases the feeling in areas affected by neuropathy, reduces scar tissue by regenerating the tissue, increases mobility & reduces pain of rheumatoid arthritis & so much more.

30 min $35   60 min &65   

Workshops Include-   Level I, II, Master/Teacher Reiki Attunements, “Simple Instruction for Caring, Safe, Massage Techniques for Caregivers of Cancer Patients “, Free Presentations on the Benefits of Massage and Reiki, Intro to Meditation, and Food Therapy Classes.

Therapeutic Massage


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